瀬古 利彦(Toshihiko Seko)

Ladies and gentlemen! Mt. Fuji International Marathon is back as a big race with 10,000 participants!

This is a marathon with a rich international flavor, attracting many runners from all over the world.

Please enjoy the race to your heart's content, breathing in the air coming down from the foot of Mt. Fuji.

I will be cheering for everyone at the start and near the halfway point, which is a boat ride across from Kawaguchiko Lake!

Please be prepared for the day of the race so that you will never get injured or sick.

This wonderful event will be held with the cooperation of the organizers, who aim for safe and secure operations, the understanding of the participating runners, and the cooperation of everyone in the town of Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the event will be held.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
So, everyone! See you all in Fujikawaguchiko Town with a smile on your face!


The leading figure in the Japanese marathon boom, with a record of 15 races and 10 victories. He was selected for the Japanese Olympic team in Moscow, Los Angeles, and Seoul on three occasions. After retiring, he became a trainer, producing three Olympic athletes. Currently, he is expanding his activities by appearing in the media and giving lectures to promote the attractiveness of sports.
Leader of Road Running Commission, Japan Association of Athletics Federations
DeNA Athletics Elite Advisor

森川 千明(Chiaki Morikawa)

Runner/Running coach

During her active career, she belonged to the Starts and Uniqlo business teams.

She is active in Japan's top class.

While she participates in many marathon races as a guest runner now,

She is active in various fields, such as decorating the cover of running magazines and numerous advertising visuals.

She also teaches runners as a running coach.


Hakodate Marathon 2018 2nd place
Tokyo Marathon 2019 Semi-elite category 3rd place
Tokyo Marathon 2020 8th among Japanese runners
Tokyo Marathon 2022 16th 2:35:06

中嶋 友里(Yuri Nakajima)

Running Talent/Influencer

Eight years ago, she suddenly fell in love with running and started running quietly and alone.

After her first race of 5km, she ran her first full marathon and achieved sub-4 hours (sub-4).

A few months later she completes a 100km ultramarathon.

Since then she has completed 6 ultramarathon races.

She has also been trail running for 7 years and has run 100miles.

As a runner, she also works as a model and TV personality,

She shares her tips and joys of incorporating running into her daily life on SNS and in the media.


Full Marathon 3:42:13
100km ultramarathon 12:01:00
ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI 2022 UTMF(100mile)
ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI 2023 FUJI(100mile)
Shinetsu 5 mountains Trail 2022 100mile

SNS Ambassador

福内 櫻子(Sakurako Fukuuchi)

Running Coach / Model / Community Management

She has experience participating in world competitions as a top runner when she was a student.

She currently works as a running coach and model.

She also wants more people to enjoy her running,

She is also active in community management and event planning.


Half Marathon 1:11:44
Full Marathon 2:53:00