Feature 1You can run with runners from all over the world at the international Mt.Fuji Marathon. Please enjoy the interaction between runners across borders.

Feature 2Finisher medal and finisher towel perfect fit for Mt. Fuji!

The Full Marathon and Around KAWAGUCHIKO Race have self-standing finishing medals. In contrast, the Charity Fun Run has a lovely Mt. Fuji design. Traditional Japanese "wa" motifs inspire the design. Collecting five medals will form a three-dimensional Mt. Fuji, and putting a small light inside will create a dreamy glowing Mt. Fuji.

The Finisher Towel was designed to be comfortable to the touch with an easy-to-use simple design.

※Please do not put fire or candles in the medals as it will get hot.

2023 Finisher Towel and Finisher Medal

Feature 3A superb view of Mt. Fuji, hosted at Lake Kawaguchiko, one of Japan's leading resort areas!

You can enjoy the view of the World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji from various points along the course while running.
The contrast between Lake Kawaguchiko and the autumn leaves is beautiful.
Although there is a famous steep slope called “heart-attack hill," the lakesides of Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Saiko are primarily flat.
Please enjoy the stunning view of Mt. Fuji that you can only experience on this day at this location.

Feature 4Volunteers from Kawaguchiko who support the Event

Local volunteers start supporting the event in the early morning.
It is one of the pleasures to feel the warmth of the local people in addition to the beautiful scenery.

Feature 5Charity Fun Run will donate to the "Mt. Fuji Heritage Site Preservation Promotion Fund"

The host town of Fuji Kawaguchiko Town will donate funds for the conservation, protection, and maintenance of the World Heritage Site of Mt. Fuji for the future.
It will be used to conserve the natural environment in the world cultural heritage of Mt. Fuji and environmental conservation activities for Mt. Fuji itself.

We will donate 223 yen per person from the entry fee.

Feature 6BEAMS SPORTS Mt. Fuji International Marathon originalT-shirt

BEAMS SPORTS T-shirt for the Mt. Fuji International Marathon was designed by "BEAMS SPORTS".

Size : SS、S、M、L、XL

Feature 7Aiming for an Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Event

Mt. Fuji is an area rich in nature. The Mt. Fuji marathon course is also assigned "Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park" to protect the natural environment and preserve the scenery.
The Mt.Fuji Marathon is a full marathon held in a national park unique in Japan. We aim to operate a sustainable event and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

・Separating Recyclable Resources
(1)Recycling paper cups used for water supply
・Promoting the reuse of Items
(1)No safety pins will not be enclosed. Please bring safety pins or number card (bib) fasteners you used in other competitions or from home.
(2)The tarpaulin signboards posted at the venue will be re-designed from the original single-use disposables to a yearly reusable design.
・Reduction of plastic, such as the use of Reusable-Bags (Eco-bags)
(1)There will be no excessive packaging.
(2)Plastic bags will not be distributed.
・Electronicization of Paper Guides
(1)Distribution of flyers and other paper materials will be discontinued.
(2)Venue information and event programs will be posted on the website. In addition, QR codes will be displayed at the venue to allow quick access from a smartphone.

Feature 8The Mt.Fuji Marathon is a part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (Abbott WMM) and Wanda Age Group World Rankings.

Runners who do not achieve the Automatic Qualifying Time still have the opportunity to receive an invitation to enter the World Championship depending on the full field size and the number of athletes achieving the qualifying time.
In order to receive an invitation, runners must be registered at AbbottWMM.com.