Virtual Race Information

Race Mt. Fuji International Marathon 2023 Virtual Series Summer
Race Day Friday, August 11, 2023 -- Sunday, May 10, 2023 10days
Organizer R-bies Sports Foundation.
Calorie consunption challenge
Category Entry Fees
① Full Marathon (Big size) 5,000JPY
② Fun Run Half Marathon (Small size) 4,500JPY
③ Fun Run 10K (Small size)
④ Fun Run 5K (Small size)
  • Please run a total Distance further than the category you entered for with in the Race Period 10 days
Capacity None
Award Presentation None

Monday,29 May(0:00 am JST) -- Monday 31, July 2023


Please run a total distance further than the distance category you entered for within the Race Period (10 days).

How To Enter Race

Step1Entry (Deadline: Monday 31, July 2023)

Please enter through the Entry site.

Step2Download TATTA: the GPS training app.

How to download & link TATTA app – before event –

Please download TATTA app via APP Store or Google Play.

The availability of TATTA app is subject to where you live.
There are some regions / areas in which the app is not available.

Recommended environment

= iOS = Version13 or later
= Android = Version6 or later

  • Update to the latest version recommended.

Please browse through the quick introduction and flick to proceed to the initial linkage page.

Step3Open the app, enter your ID and password. Then tap on the sync button.

If you have never ran with TATTA, please open the TATTA app and perform a test run beforehand.

Step4Please enter and prepare in advance.

Tap [Event] in the TATTA app and check if [Mt. Fuji International Virtual Marathon] is displayed. If it is, you are all set! (This will be reflected on the same day, once you enter the race.)

Step5Open “TATTA” on your smartphone and run during the race period; your distance will be counted.

Start TATTA during the race period and tap [Start] to run. After your run, tap [■] [End], and then [Save].
This will save the distance you run.

Open “TATTA” on your smartphone and run during the race period; your distance will be counted.
  1. Open TATTA and display the measurement screen from the start menu.
  2. Tap ① at the top of the screen to display the list of ② events.
    Make sure that [Mt. Fuji International Virtual Marathon] is included in the ②list.
    Your record will be reflected on all events displayed in the events list.
  3. If this is not displayed, check:
  4. Is the sync with RUNNET correct?
  5. Is the activity selected correctly? (Is Running or Trail Run set?)
  6. The list can be closed by tapping any other part of the screen part.
Mt. Fuji International Marathon 2023 Virtual Series Summer original BIB card

Join the virtual run with your original BIB card!


Application Terms

NOTICE: All participants must agree to and abide by the following Application terms upon entry.

  1. We cannot accept the change of race category or name, cancellation, and transfer of rights, once the registration is completed. Refunds are not possible unless there is faulty to the organizer.
  2. Please be sure to follow traffic rules and facility rules, such as manners at parks.
  3. Please avoid running in groups. In cases that you will be running with multiple people, please be sure to keep enough distance.
  4. Be sure to manage your health before starting the race, and in the case that you do not feel comfortable, stop running.
  5. The organizer is not responsible for any injury, sickness, or accidents upon participation in the race. There is also no applicable insurance.
  6. Participants must agree in advance that pictures and videos may be posted on, Monthly Runners, RUNNET (RUNNET GLOBAL), the official website, social media, and others, and entrust the organizer with the portrait rights.
  7. The organizers acknowledge the importance of personal data and will strictly comply with privacy policies and related laws. The organizer will use personal information based on these laws and policies.
    Your personal information will be used to: improve service for race participants, deliver participation guides and information on future races, notify and announce race results, provide service from sponsors, supporting organizations, and related organizations.

Bonus Prize

Finisher Medal

All marathon finishers will receive a [Mt. FUJI Original Finisher Medal]

  • Medal Full Marathon Finisher
    Medal (Full Marathon Finisher)
  • Medal Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Finisher
    Medal (Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Finisher)
  1. There is no participation prize. Original goods can be purchased at the time of entry.

Record Certificate

A Record Certificate will be available online. (This is a template that you will need to fill out yourself.)


Participation prize

Mt. Fuji original Eco Bag (Mt. Fuji International Marathon 2023 Virtual Series Summer “Eco Bag”)

Eco Bag

Completion medal and participation prize mail (Late September 2023)